Casein - National

     Casein - National Casein Report for U.S. Imports

     Report 2 - Released on January 14, 2021

     The price ranges for acid and rennet casein weakened early in Q1 of 2021. Upper range
     pricing tends to be more stable and reflects prices previously locked in. Lower range prices
     have weakened in response to some plants reporting light sales activity and some buyers
     taking a wait and see approach as they assess markets. This is particularly true in New
     Zealand where there was a cascade of hesitation as signs of weaker lower range prices
     developed, which slowed some buying. Within the price ranges, buyers with strong preferred
     sourcing are proceeding with deals but the overall lower price ranges reflect current
     conditions, especially for buyers with some source and delivery timing flexibility.

     Prices for: Spot Sales And Up to 3 Month Contracts, Free on Board - Warehouse, Non-
     Restricted, All Mesh Sizes, Conventional, and Edible Casein

     Acid; Price Range - $/LB:                    3.3100-3.6250
     Rennet; Price Range - $/LB:                  3.4600-3.4900

     Information for the period January 11 - 15, 2021, issued weekly

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