Lactose - Central and West

     Lactose - Central and Western U.S.

     Report 2 - Released on January 14, 2021

     Lactose prices are unchanged this week. While there is an uncertain feel to the lactose
     market, market participants note that prices have seemed to stabilize. Industry contacts say
     this is typically a quiet time of the year for new lactose sales. As the lunar holiday
     approaches, orders from Southeast Asia subside. However, they say they are getting a few
     more buyer inquiries from other market segments and that is helping keep things in better
     balance. Demand from standardization markets has improved. Lactose inventories are a bit of
     a mixed bag and vary between manufacturers. Some processors report being in good balance
     with sales through the first half of 2021. Others suggest they still have some work to do to
     clear older stocks. Lactose production is steady.

     Prices for: Central and Western U.S., Spot Sales And Up to 3 Month Contracts, F.O.B.,
     Conventional, and Edible Lactose
     Price Range - Non Pharmaceutical; $/LB:                .3100 - .5500
     Mostly Range - Non Pharmaceutical; $/LB:               .3500 - .4600

     Information for the period January 11 - 15, 2021, issued weekly

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