About Cardinal Ethanol

Celebrating a Milestone at Cardinal

Since November of 2008, Cardinal Ethanol has been producing home grown, clean burning, high performance, high octane ethanol. This week, Cardinal Ethanol is celebrating the production of our 1,000,000,000th gallon of ethanol production since the plant started. Today, ethanol represents approximately 10% of the nation’s gasoline supply. Ethanol is blended in more than 96% of US gasoline today all across the country. When blended as a conventional 87 octane gasoline, the ethanol produced at Cardinal Ethanol since inception would fuel approximately 8 MILLION cars.

Cardinal’s ethanol production process all starts with one of the most renewable and available commodities grown here in the US…CORN. In order to reach this milestone, Cardinal Ethanol has purchased over 350,000 000 bushels of corn, most of which has come from the surrounding area. That represents roughly 2,187,500 acres of corn.

In addition to ethanol production there has been over 2.5 million tons of Distiller’s Dried Grains, a high protein, highly nutritious livestock feed, has been produced and over 22.5 million gallons of corn oil.

Many thanks go out to our Shareholders, Directors, Management Team, Employees, Customers, the Community, and the many valuable partners we have had along the way for their support and for giving us all the opportunity to work for and with the Industries best. We look forward to the next chapter of Cardinal Ethanol’s future as we continue to clean our environment, provide rural community jobs, lower fuel prices, help boost the farm economy and continue fueling energy independence.

Plant Location

The plant is located near Union City, in Randolph County, Indiana.  The site is at the northwest corner of U.S. Highway 32 and 600 East.  The plant site has a CSX railroad mainline running parallel to it, making it very appealing.  The site also contains adequate access to natural gas.

Ethanol Production Capacity

The plant is natural gas fired and designed to produce 100 million gallons of ethanol each year.  The ethanol is marketed across the U.S. as a clean-burning, high-octane transportation fuel additive.

Corn Usage

The plant, as designed, creates demand for 36,000,000 bushels of corn each year.  Most of the corn demanded is originated from the local area, however, some is railed in for processing. 

Distillers Grains

Approximately 340,000 tons of dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) is produced annually, which will be marketed to livestock and poultry producers as a value-added nutritional supplement.  DDGS is a co-product of ethanol production.


The plant is staffed by approximately 52 full-time employees with an annual payroll of approximately $2.4 million.  We have made offers for  all positions at this time and employees began work in August 2008.


Legal Disclaimer

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